O.C.L to Drop the highest anticipated Mixtape this season

Kenneth_OvO – Self made Trap Mogul from the O.C.L Duo has been tucked away somewhere clocking work hours along side artist Colo$oul_OvO, as the two are getting ready to release the well anticipated Mixtape “Well Blended” and a few singles like “Why you MAD” featuring Well Known DJ / artist Kryptonight ,which rumor has it that the tape is completed.
Having questioned the O.C.L artist Kenneth about the rumors and prospective plans for the Mixtape and O.C.L for itself, this what he had to say
“as far as O.C.L is considered the team has a huge suprise for all of yall this on my momma these folks aint ready” he stated that they are in talks with management to introduce a new artist to the team , injunction with huge future plans abroad. he say ” His just waiting on a solid release date for the Mixtape its coming”.

Stream O.C.L Debut track of the upcoming mixtape “Well Blended”