Serial Killer still at Large Investigators say

Cleveland, Oh When Young, Andrew Hutchison was incarcerated several years ago 15 to be exact. Nobody knew before he got out that he was already a mass murderer. On July 15, 1992 young Hutchison was incarcerated at T.I.C.O. juvenile maximum security prison in Columbus, Ohio. For a sentence of no more than 8 years for his malicious crime committed on October 31, 1991 just 8 months before he was sentenced. The acts he committed on 12 year old Oliver Leroy Quist were so unimaginable that the states coroner Thomas Tate had to resign his seat as the states coroner after opening up the body bag to little 12 year old Quist. All the skin to his face was peeled off like the skin to a plum. The lower jaw bone was disconnected and turnt upside down. Quist’s eyes were fogged over as if he had been dead for awhile. But when assistant coroner Jacqueline Mariner said these weren’t the acts of an amituer but the acts of evil itself. After Hutchison served the heaviest sentence allowable by law in the state of Ohio he was released into the care of Mr. And Mrs. Homestead of Waverly, Ohio along with there 4 children. Unable to give there names and ages because they are still minors. Hutchison was 19 when he entered the Homestead’s home and we haven’t heard of him since. Until a call came in from the Suffolk county sheriff’s office telling us about the horrific phone called they received from 8 year old Billy Homestead just before his head was cut clean off his shoulders. When the Waverly police arrived on the scene. 35 year old Hutchison had 16 year old Charlie homestead by the arms as his limp body was being torn in half. Just before the police pulled there weapons Hutchison surrendered without a fight and asked to speak to his psychiatrist Dr. Bobby Lee who has been seeing Hutchison on the regular for the past 30 years authority’s say. As Hutchison was put into the back of the cop car Dr. Bobby Lee was alarmed by what Hutchison had just told him about the reason why he did what he did to the whole Homestead family. And then when he was taken down to the Waverly police department and was questioned in interrogation another 35 victims were brought to the surface with the help from Dr. Lee. <<<<<To be continued<<<<<<<<<