Shinnecock Nation set to be removed from Reservation

Under President Trumps orders the Shinnecock Nation is to be removed from their Southampton Reservation site effective Jan 1st 2018. After extensive research by the B.I.A eveidence has arose proving that their identity, culture, and customs have been lost and should not be referred to as Native American and should be identified as United States citizens. Governor Cuomo further stated “The Shinnecock people have accepted our laws and way of life more so than their own; It is evident that they are colonized and are in need of our Law enforcement, funding and medical aid for they are not self sustainable as true Sovereign countries are”. When they use our Police they are no longer sovereign as they have accepted to be subservient of our laws and lack the knowledge to succeed as their own country. So it’s as simple as if you don’t use it you loose it. Lol just joking but the Government won’t when they say it . Just a lil humor!