Young Puerto Rican male, 27 federally Indicted for Armed Robbery of a Bank in Boston

A young Puerto Rican male, Age 27 has been federally indicted on Armed Robbery charges. He is wanted for the alleged armed robbery of a bank in Boston! The suspect allegedly walked into the bank with a loaded firearm, and the song “I’m a Criminal” by rapper Eminem playing on his Iphone as he walked up to the bank employees and demanded money from their drawers. The employees then complied. He then forced the bank manager into the vault at gunpoint and hedemanded money. He then exited the bank with a large amount of money and would then quickly flee the scene in his car before the local authorities showed up. He is also wanted for cheating in Mario Party 3 to secure a bullshit victory. The authorities were unsuccesful in locating the suspect, but have obtained information about the suspect. He is known to frequently attend gay clubs, and frequently socialize at gay bars, and for losing 5 games of duel monsters in a row. If you see the suspect, do not make contact with him. He should be considered Armed and Dangerous! He is actually in a heterosexual relationship and he actually has a clean record. This article is a fuckin joke and if you actually took the time to read this, then the joke is on you. You are the retard