Young Mother of Four strikes a $50,000 Weight Loss Deal

Young mother of Four, Melissa Wicker of San Antonio Texas, started her weight loss journey in January of 2017. The San Antonio mother downloaded fitness pal app and bought the Apple smart watch to help her limit and help intake the reasonable 1550 cal per day replacing her breakfast and lunch is a protein shake and sticking to light protein veggies at dinner. Melissa exercise routine also underwent a major overhaul previously Melissa didn’t exercise much at all and her back problems limited what type of exercise she could do but she found her way around her physical constraints now typically walk more than 100,000 steps per week continually find a way to incorporate more walking into her every day life such a taking an extra lap around the perimeter of stores my shopping now seven months later she’s down a whopping 70 pounds and is happier than ever she struck a deal for $50,000 for the first three years and promotions of exercises and video workout tapes with the Table man himself Billy Blanks! Here’s to new beginnings!