Steph Curry Ready to Pass the Torch

Wardell “Steph” Curry II raised a few eyebrows in a recent interview with the Akron Bee, a local newspaper in his birthplace of Akron, Ohio. When asked who he thought could potentially be the ‘Next Steph Curry,’ he replied without hesitation, “there isn’t one in the NBA.” The notably humble and down-to-Earth point guard for the reigning NBA Champion Golden State Warriors was quick to explain by adding, “I’m not saying there isn’t another sweet stroking skinny floor general out there! He just isn’t in the NBA…yet!! I’m looking forward to taking a bit of time off from rehab (an injured ankle has forced him to miss his team’s last 5 games) to sneak up to Michigan and catch a Comets JV game.” When further pressed on who this heir apparent to the current 3-point bombing team leader might be Curry was coy and obviously a little amused. After a bit of coaxing he finally flashed his babyfaced grin and offered, “Dray is from Michigan and turned me onto this silky white boy with handles, a stroke made of satin, and a haircut to rival my skills. He reminds me of me! Probably cuz he (like me) doesn’t play any defense either.”
Further investigation of the clues Curry offered point to a young man from Jonesville HS named Connor Lauwers.