Owner of Honest Home Service reveals business name is just short for Honestly I Don’t Really Know What I’m Doing!

After years in the business Nicholas Daniel Martinez wants to set the record straight. “Look, in the beginning I just wanted to make a few extra bucks to buy my 6th drum set. Not because I needed it but because of my life long addiction to blowing money as ridiculously as I can.” When asked why he’s finally come forward now he excitedly responded without even taking a second to breath, ” I just want to be able to sleep at night, that could be from me needing to come clean and be honest. Or could be from me falling asleep in the passenger seat 2 minutes into a drive. Or could be from the high number of caffeinated drinks I’m consuming on a daily basis. Either way people need to know the full name of my business is Honestly I’m Not Sure What I’m Doing Here Home Services LLC. People just need to get it right cause the banks said they’re not cashing my checks anymore if the business name isn’t filled out properly.”