Taylor Swift kills Travis Kelce in deadly stabbing in their home

Taylor Swift kills Travis kelce ” The only thing worse is the thought of being a murderer. You know, that’s the thing that makes you want to kill someone. Because it’s not like you can do anything about it, right? You’re just stuck in Taylor Swift kills Travis kelce her famous football boyfriend . My dad had been in the military. He had served for a year. In the first year he was stationed in Iraq. That first summer he went to the desert. A place that was so beautiful, the only things to notice were the sand .

I was in my room, in bed. Taylor’s boyfriend was still on his knees, his head bowed, praying. My father was at my door. His hands were on my shoulders. We were alone, I think. There was no one else in our room. Taylor was singing. She was the only person in that room besides my parents. A few days later, my dad went back to his room and I went with him. As soon as my mom saw me she was screaming. We were in the car. He was yelling. She was screaming and screaming, she couldn’t breathe. Her eyes were rolling back in her head. Then he said, ‘Taylor, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.