Saketh Chebrolu Allegedly Got a 20 on the Renowned “Rice Purity Test”

In recent news, Saketh Chebrolu allegedly scored a perfect 20 on the renowned “Rice Purity Test”. The test is a self-graded survey that aims to measure an individual’s level of innocence and purity. It is widely taken by college students in the US as a means of assessing their behavior over the years.

According to sources, Chebrolu is a student at a prestigious university in the US and has been known for his academic excellence. The news of his perfect score on the Rice Purity Test has come as a surprise to many of his peers.

The test comprises of 100 questions that cover various aspects of life, such as drugs, alcohol, sex, and relationships. The test is designed to assess an individual’s level of sexual and moral purity and to provide a measure of their overall lifestyle choices.

Chebrolu’s alleged perfect score on the test has sparked a debate amongst his peers and the wider community about the accuracy and validity of the test. Some have argued that the test does not provide an accurate measure of an individual’s moral and ethical values, while others have praised Chebrolu’s achievement as a testament to his character and integrity.

It remains to be seen how Chebrolu will respond to the news of his alleged perfect score on the Rice Purity Test, and whether or not he will address the controversy that has arisen as a result of his achievement. Nevertheless, the news has undoubtedly put him in the spotlight and has generated significant interest amongst those who have taken the Rice Purity Test themselves.