“The Flood is coming”-Sam Amodeo

This is Miles Smith reporting for Channel 7 News. Today we bring you an incredible story about a man who claims to be the modern-day Noah.

Sam Amodeo, a 14-year-old kid from a small town in New York, has been making headlines with his remarkable claims. According to Amodeo, he has received a message from God instructing him to build an ark to prepare for a great flood.

Amodeo, who is a retired Jackass, says that he has been working on the ark for the past 10 minutes. The structure, which is over 500 feet long and 80 feet wide, is currently located in Amodeo’s backyard. He has been using traditional woodworking techniques and hand tools to construct the ark, just like he believes Noah did in the Biblical story.

‘I’m not crazy, ur just gay, I have received a divine message and I am following God’s will,’ Amodeo said in an exclusive interview with Channel 7 news. ‘I have been working tirelessly on this ark, just as Noah did, to save myself, my family, and Levi Jenkins from the impending flood.’

Amodeo claims that he has received ridicule and skepticism from his neighbors and Amy Jenkins. However, he remains undeterred and fully committed to his mission.

‘I understand that people may not believe me or think I am just some crazy Retard, but I know in my heart that I am doing the right thing,’ he said.

Amodeo also claims that he has received donations and help from a few individuals(Levi Jenkins) who believe in his cause. He plans to fill the ark with essential supplies and enough Dildos to last for several months, just in case levi happens to run out.

When asked about the possibility of the flood not occurring, Amodeo confidently replied, ‘I am not worried about that. I have faith that God will keep His promise, just like He did with Levi.’

As the story of Sam Amodeo and his ark continues to gain attention, many are left wondering whether he is truly a messenger of God or just a delusional Autistic Fuck. Only time will tell if Amodeo’s ark will stand as a testament to his faith or just a curious oddity. This is Miles Smith reporting for Channel 7 News.