Four juveniles rob over 100 cars

Four juveniles named Kamren Crousore, Eddie Williams, Kye Ramsey, and Mitchell Schmitz were caught May 24 2020 on video footage from a door bell camera of 2 of the boys breaking into the car and the other 2 boys were standing in the street. The two boys breaking into the car were Kye Ramsey and Eddie Williams. The footage was posted on Facebook where it was reported to the police. On May 26 For police officers showed up at Kamren Crousores household were he lived with his mother. Kamren denied everything. The crimes were investigated and the juveniles were found guilty. They were later put on 3-6 months of probation until there sentences. Kamren Crousore violated probation on July 28 2020 and was sent to treatment for 5 months but then was released 10 months later on March 3 2021. The rest of the juveniles were left on probation.